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What Is The Difference Between a Video Tour and a Virtual Tour

3D Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is a 3D, interactive tour. Its very similar to Google Street View but inside the listing. The viewer can tour the home at their own discretion and stay in any room as long as they want. The virtual tour also gives the viewer a floor plan that they can see how the listing is arranged. It also allows the viewer to measure the rooms and other items of the listings. We also provide a floor plan with measurements and total square footage upon request. Unfortunately, there is not room for much marketing besides providing basic contact info. These virtual tours also work perfectly within out listing websites.

Here is an example:

Video Tour

A video tour is a 2-3 minute video with music that shows the listing to the potential buyer. The viewer has no control over how long they see a specific room or in what order the rooms are shown. The advantages of a video tour is that you can have us add pop up text to better explain the listing in detail and we can add custom branded to the video(logo, colors, contact detail, voice over, realtor intro, and much more). These videos are great to add to social media and they work amazing in our individual listing websites.

Here is an example:

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