Seen a Nepali Hindu Wedding Before?

Have you ever seen a Nepali Hindu wedding? No? Neither have we! So when Sonisha contacted us regarding filming and photography here wedding we were a little hesitant on taking the job since we have never done a Nepali Hindu wedding. After some thought we decided to take on the challenge! We were very interested in the culture differences regarding wedding ceremonies.

I meet the family the night before the wedding at the engagement ceremony that we photographed as well. After looking at where they wanted to take the engagement photos, I decided to bring our lighting equipment up and transformed the small apartment into a photo studio. After taking photos of all of the bride's family, the grooms family arrived. They had the engagement ceremony called, Tika-tala.

Now the next morning Joe, my videographer, and I arrived at the house where the ceremony will take place. we get set up with the four video cameras and my photography camera, as well as 2 lavaliere microphones, an area microphone, and a shotgun microphone. After sometime pasts the bride shows up to get ready. The ceremony starts with the Janti. The Janti is a loud festival like parade with music and celebration with the groom arriving via car with family and friends. After they arrive to the house there is a precession of the groom and his family and friends to the back yard where the ceremony is taking place. The ceremony took about 2 hours to fully complete. To learn more about the ceremony tradition, please check out this page on The Big Fat Indian Wedding.

After the ceremony we then drove to the grooms house where he shows his new wife's family his house. They preformed a few more traditions and then we went to the Indian Kitchen for the reception. At the reception, guests enjoyed food and drinks while the newly weds greeted with guests and family members. After the dinner, they had the gift exchange and cake cutting.

Overall it was a very exciting and interesting experience. It was a very beautiful and colorful wedding with bright colors. It was an honor to be a part of this amazing wedding. I would book another Nepali Hindu wedding in a heart beat! I will continue to add the photos as we finish editing them.

AJ Benson


Benson Productions

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