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Stand out with Zillow 3D Home® tours and interactive floor plans


Get specialized exposure for your listing on Zillow and Trulia, skip the hosting fees, and share wherever you like. 

Differentiate yourself to win more clients while staying on budget

Get high-end virtual tours and interactive floor plans without the high price tag. Strengthen your brand on and offline with a cost-effective value add on all your listings.

Receive prioritized placement on the most-visited real estate network

Get specialized exposure for your listings through unique search tags, special search filters, and dedicated emails to buyers giving you more opportunities to get your listing in front of Zillow’s audience.

Maximize your ROI by sharing tours wherever your audience is shopping

Tours are hosted for free on Zillow and never expire. Easily share your tour and floor plan on your website, the MLS, social media, or via email with an unbranded link, for free. Includes a high-resolution JPEG file of the floor plan that can be published outside of Zillow.


Help buyers make decisions

60% of buyers said that viewing a floor plan of the home was very important in helping them decide if a home was right for them.

How does Zillow showcase listings with 3D Home tours and floor plans? 


Listings with 3D Home tours get specialized exposure on Zillow and Trulia with premium placement that includes:

  • Highlighting with special tags Specialized placement in Zillow search results when listed

  • Optimized discovery via custom search filters

  • Featured exposure in dedicated emails to buyers

  • Individual branding with the agent’s name

On average, listings with 3D Home tours got 43% more views and 55% more saves. 

Are You Ready To Book Your Zillow Tour?

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