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Real Estate Add-ons

Grass Enhancement

We understand that living in California the grass isn't always the greenest. With Grass Enhancement, buyers can see the home with bright green grass.

Sky Replacement

Cloudy sky doesn't have to be a reason to reschedule a photoshoot. With Sky Replacement, we will remove the cloudy/muggy sky and replace it with a nice blue sky.

Screen Replacement

Screen Replacement is a great way to brighten up a room. It gives a buyer a feeling of how the room will feel when living in the home.

Day to Dusk

Dusk/Twilight photos always seem to wow potential buyers. This is a great way to show off the beauties of the home without having to wait for the perfect sunset or even for the sun to set!

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging allows potential buyers to view a vacant home as a fully furnished home. This helps them to visualize how the home can feel to them instead of a empty room.

Community Photos

Vassar Aisle (Small)-47.jpg

Does your listing have any special amenities? Maybe a community pool, local park nearby, or great school. Community Photos will allow you to show off those features.

Flyer Design

Real Estate.png

Need a flyer designed? We can create a stunning flyer that will get buyers' attention. These flyers are great to have on display during open house or put out on your sign in front of the listing

Photo Slideshow

A Photo Slideshow is a great way to show off your listing. We will add transitions and music. Most slide shows are about 60-120 seconds long.

Drone Photography

Drone Photography gives a unique view to home buyers and allows them to see the home better than a traditional ground photo.

Padova Ct.-55.jpg
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