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Welcome to Benson Productions, where our licensing terms are tailored to serve all our valued clients.

As a client, you have the freedom to incorporate any images we create into your marketing materials for property promotions or self-promotion as an agent. Additionally, your brokerage can utilize these images for MLS or marketing endeavors. However, it's important to note that the copyright for these images remains with our talented photographer/videographer. Unauthorized third-party usage of these images is strictly prohibited unless expressly approved by the photographer/videographer, potentially incurring an additional fee.

At Benson Productions, we prioritize transparency and accountability. While we provide valuable content, we do not accept liability for any loss or damage resulting from actions taken based on material sourced from our website. Moreover, any modifications to our delivered photos/videos are beyond our responsibility.

As the creator of this website and all images within, Benson Productions retains full copyright ownership. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, or alteration of our content is strictly prohibited without our express written consent.

Our commitment to quality extends to our licensing terms. We grant clients the right to use the media we provide for the duration of the property listing. This includes images, virtual tours, property websites, and videos. Should you wish to purchase additional images, feel free to contact us at

In these terms, Benson Productions, the creative force behind all media, is referred to as [THE COMPANY]. Those directly involved in arranging or paying for our services, such as real estate agents, brokers, homeowners, or tenants, are referred to as [THE CLIENT]. Any party not involved in scheduling or payment, including non-agents or agents listing properties after our original licensing, is referred to as [3RD PARTY].

Upon receiving media from us, clients are granted a non-exclusive, limited, 1-year license to use the content for marketing and listing purposes. Additional usage requires approval and may involve a separate licensing agreement.

Ownership of the media remains with Benson Productions unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. While clients have the right to use the media as per our terms, no legal ownership is transferred.

Our pricing is transparent and covers various aspects of our services, including photography, editing, delivery, and standard real estate licensing.

Regarding third-party usage, clients are responsible for ensuring compliance with our terms and refraining from unauthorized distribution or sharing of our content.

Should a third party express interest in using our media, it's incumbent upon the client to direct them to us for proper licensing procedures.

Thank you for choosing Benson Productions. We look forward to serving your media needs with professionalism and creativity.

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