Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate

When will I get my photos and videos?

You will receive your basic photos within 24 hours from when the job was completed. Video will be sent within 48 hours, and the enhanced photos 72 hours. For example: If we finish photographing and recording the house at 3:00 PM on Monday, you will receive the photos by 3:00 PM on Tuesday, video 3:00 PM Wednesday, and enhanced photos by 3:00 PM Thursday. These may change depending on holidays.

How many photos will I recieve?

You will receive 2-3 photos per room and minimum of 10 exterior photos. This amount does not include the enhanced photos.

Can you fly the drone for any house or location?

We can fly at most locations. There are a few exceptions. We can not fly at certain distances from airports and other places. There may be an additional fee for some locations due to the increase cost in permits and insurance.

Do you service Los Angeles Or San Diego?

Yes we do! We serve all of Southern California, but there will be a travel fee added to your total. For locations with in 30 Miles of San Bernardino, there is no fee. Between 30-50 miles, $50 will be added, and for 50-100 miles, $100 will be added. For distances over 100 miles please ask and we will let you know the cost.



How do I book your services?

First contact us about your needs and request a estimate. After you recieved the estimate and would like to move forward with booking us, send a 50% deposit to us to secure your date. After we have recieved your payment, we are all set and you will see at your wedding, event or listing!

Wedding Photography

Wedding Videography

I have a photographer already. Why do I need a videographer?

Photos are great to hang on the wall. But they only capture a moment. Don't just have still images to look back on. Have a full video so that you can relive the moments. We provide a fully edited video of your wedding with professionally recorded audio and multi-angle video. Every smile, joke, and tear is caught and can be watched over and over again for years to come.

When will I receive my wedding videos?

You will receive your videos between four and six weeks from your wedding. This depends on how many videographers you request.

How many videos will I recieve?

You will receive 3 videos:
Ceremony video, which includes the entire wedding from start to end with professionally mixed audio and multiple video angles.
Teaser Video, which is a compilation of the wedding and reception edited in to a 2-4 minute video.
Special Moments Video, which include all of the special moments from the reception including, dances, toasts, cake cutting, and more.

Should I only using one videographer?