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  • When Do I Pay The Invoice?
    We require payment at the time of the booking unless other arrangements have been made in email or text. If payment has not been made within 24 hours of the invoice being sent, your appointment may be given to another client.
  • Does The Listing Need To Be Ready When The Photographer Arrives?
    Yes. We require the listing to be 100% ready at the time of the appointment as we have other shoots to attend to after yours and only have a selected time to shoot the home. To help you get the listing ready, here is a checklist:
  • Why Is There A Monthly Fee For Matterport Virtual Tours?
    The Matterport Virtual Tours are like websites, and just like any website, it cost us money to keep the tour avaliable for people to view. We offer 3 Months of Free Hosting when you purchase the Matterport Tour. After the 3 months the tour will be taken down unless you contact us and would like to leave the tour active and payment of $10 per month is paid.
  • How Many Photos Will I Receive?
    We guarantee you will receive a minimum of 2 photos per room and a minimum of 10 exterior photos. Main rooms like kitchens and living rooms.
  • How Much Editing Do You Do To The Photos?
    We do basic color corrections and brightness corrections. Any editing regarding removing items or photoshopping may require additional fees/costs.
  • Can I Cancel or Reschedule My Appointment?
    Yes. Please contact us ASAP to reschedule or cancel. If the cancelation or rescheduling happens within 24 hours of the shoot, a $80 fee will be added to your next invoice and if the cancelation or rescheduling happens at the shoot location due to the property not being ready, 50% of the invoice (Minimum of $100) plus the travel fee if any, will be added to your next invoice.
  • Why Do You Charge A Cancellation Fee?
    We charge a cancellation fee to help with an lose in revenue and to discourage last minute cancellation/rescheduling.
  • Can We Provide a Lockbox Code to Access The Property?
    YES! We love when clients can provide a lock box. This provides us to shoot the home without having to move the you or homeowners.
  • Is it Ok If There Are People At The Listing?
    Yes, but we will have to move them around when doing the photos and if we are doing a virtual tour and/or a video tour, everyone will be asked to step outside away from the windows as its very difficult to work around people when doing these services.
  • When Do I Get My Photos?
    You will receieve an email with the link to download the photos within 24 hours of the shoot. If the photos were taken on a saturday, you will receve them in 48 hours.
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