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Tips and Tricks For Realtors to Make Your Listing Stand Out

Check List Before You Photograph

Outside Home:

  • Park vehicles away from the house

  • Mow the lawn and any other yard maintains

  • Hide any children’s or pet’s toys

  • Hide any garden hoses

  • Set up any outdoor furniture with pillows and umbrellas

  • Remove BBQ covers

  • Hide trash cans in the garage

  • Wash windows and glass doors


Inside The Home:

  • Remove any signs of pets

  • Replace burnt-out bulbs

  • Hide electrical cords & cables

  • Hide remotes and chargers

  • Dust all furniture, TV, and computer screens

  • Vacuum carpets and wipe hardwood floors

  • Be ready to turn-on gas fireplaces

  • Turn on all lights & open curtains

  • Remove holiday & seasonal decorations

Dining Room:

  • Add a centerpiece (flowers or candles)

  • Remove excess chairs that don’t fit


  • Put away all dishes, dish soaps, scrubbers, etc

  • Clear counters of all clutter & small appliances

  • Remove all fridge magnets, notes, photos, etc

  • Clean surfaces on cabinets, counters, & appliances

  • Sweep or mop kitchen floor



  • Make beds & fluffy pillows

  • Remove clutter from nightstands and dresser tops

  • Pick up all laundry 

  • Tidy the master closet (it may be photographed)

  • Hide valuables like jewelry, watches, & safes



  • Remove all items from the counter

  • Clean mirror, glass, and surfaces

  • Remove all items from shower and tubs

  • Remove trash bins, plungers, etc.

  • Hang fresh towels

  • Close toilet lids

  • Make sure there is toilet paper in the dispenser

This checklist helps homeowners and realtors get their listing ready for any photos or video. The cleaner and less clutter in the house, the better. To download this helpful checklist, just click the download link HERE

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